Civil & Construction

As a General contractor, BFO Aerospace International Ltd undertakes a broad range of heavy civil, infrastructure, earthworks and multi-disciplinary contracts for both public and private clients, operating in Kenya. We are simply not afraid to take on challenging projects, which leaves us with a rich history of innovation and creative problem solving. Challenges become opportunities. Impediments become improvements. Hurdles become stepping-stones. This is essential because a contractor solves tough problems!

The flexibility in the selection of contracts and an ability to easily adjust to the changing needs of the markets is enabled by our multi-skilled workforce. For multi-disciplinary projects we provide a coordinated solution, including structural, mechanical, electrical and piping for medium technological enterprises.

Professional Experience

Road Construction

Whether working on motorways, country or urban roads, new roads or rehabilitation projects, asphalt or concrete structures, BfoAerospaceinternational provides the full range of road construction solutions and guarantees appropriate surfaces suitable for traffic loads, with optimum grip, driving comfort and an above-average service life.


  • Drainage Construction
  • Road Rehabilitation
  • Subsoil and building material surveys & suitability investigations
  • Construction work
  • Road maintenance
  • Road marking
  • Safety barriers

Residential Construction

We are one of the Kenya’s largest multi-unit residential housing contractor, building large scale project for both private and public sectors, including design build and public private partnership. From satellite cities to high rise residential tower to single dwelling family homes. Our focus is to control quality and risk for our clients while delivering an outstanding product in processional and timely manner. Building with Us ensures that the main issues of residential construction, quality and time are never a concern for our clients as we work with you to ensure all your needs are met.

Commercial Construction

BFO Aerospace International Ltd has successfully performed on a variety of commercial projects.specializing in private and public sector. We have executed several construction projects both in County and National Government, we have tried and tested record for quality, customer service and reliability in all our projects. We perform on new construction, renovation and alteration/addition projects, with which our past experience allows us to manage the projects under a variety of conditions and to a excellent standard.

Why Us

All employees are provided with basic training regarding Health & Safety and Environmental Awareness, which is refreshed and enhanced on a regular basis. Our training policy ensures that all employees receive the correct level of skills training required for the roles, tasks and responsibilities undertaken.

We are continually evolving our policies and procedures ahead of expectations and legal requirements. Together with our training commitment, we are confident that the quality of our projects, staff, systems and procedures will improve one step ahead of our competitors.

Our environmental policy outlines our effort to use natural resource where ever possible and where practical recycle and reuse materials and incorporate into projects. We hold a waste carriers license and via our waste management policy ensure all waste is disposed of correctly.